Bucks Party Ideas & Packages Melbourne

The best bucks party ideas in Melbourne are our fine-tuned bucks party packages here at the Big Boys Club!

Want an epic bucks party idea that covers every base and runs smoothly – but you don’t quite know where to start? Take a load off. Big Boys Club have done all of the work for you by fine-tuning an amazing, cheeky and truly memorable range of bucks party packages from only the best bucks party ideas in Melbourne.

So are you ready for Melbourne’s best girls, booze and babe-laden manly activities, all served up on a silver platter? Read on and choose from 15 bucks party packages straight from blokey heaven…

The Essentials Bucks

If the only frills you want to see are on the girls panties - Grog, Grub, Games and Girls. Action packed and affordable

Super Sports Activity Bucks Party

Bouncing Boobs

Super Sports Activity Bucks with... Jumping Castles, Bubble Soccer, Sumo, Boxing, Gladiator, Slide, Bungee Run, 

jelly wrestling melbourne

Let’s Get Ready to RRRUMBLE...

Fill 1 kiddie pool with Jelly. Add sexy grappling girls..then buck. Surround with strip show beers & topless waitresses!

bucks boat cruise melbourne

Party Boat Bucks Cruise

For guys that want to party on the high seas - the Boat Party Bucks Cruise includes plenty of grog, grub

sexy Star Wars babes bucks party

Star Wars Bucks Party: May The Boobs Be With You! 

From a galaxy far far away - a Great way for a Star Wars Geek to get his Kicks! May the force be with you.

Lawn Bowls Bucks Day


Enjoy 2 hours of bare foot bowls in the sun bowling with your mates and our gorgeous Bowling Beauties before going back to a bar and getting crazy!

Bucks party paintball Melbourne

Bruises and Boobs

Battle your buck at paintball then recover with unlimited beer, hearty finger food, a wild strip show and topless waitresses to kiss your booboos better

topless waitressing go karting bucks party

Race ya Mates

Challenge the Buck and your mates to fastest around the track, then brag about it with beer n boobs.

private topless waitress bucks party skeet shooting

Guns + Girls

Blast clay targets out of the sky with live firearms then retreat to our hunting lodge where topless girls serve unlimited beer and man sized finger food

schnitz n tits melbourne

Schnitzel n Tits

The highlights of Schnitzel n Tits makes for a grateful buck! Steamy stripping, Babelicious barmaids..the raunchy parlour games are a bonus just for you!

golf bucks party melbourne

Go round with the girls

Play a premium inner city course with a cart and cute caddies. Clubhouse finale features strip show, huge hors d’oeuvres and enough beer to handicap Tiger

Private Burgers n Babes bucks night

Burgers n Babes

The highlights of Burgers n Babes makes for a grateful buck! Steamy stripping, Babelicious barmaids..the raunchy parlour games are a bonus just for you!

bowling bucks party topless waitress

Ladies of the Lanes

The shirts, the shoes, the Big Lebowski style trash talk..nothing not to love about boozy bowling. 

Gone Fishing Bucks Day

Getting Hooked

A private charter leaves St Kilda for trawling and tales – booze on board. At the party tell beautiful girls about the one that got away

booty camp bucks party topless waitress

War, what is it good for?

Ten-hut! You and your buck are raw recruits in our G.I. Jane’s basic training. Grub, Girls, Games and Grit maggots. Hooah!