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Most Popular Bucks Party Packages

These are our Most Popular Bucks Party Packages –  fine-tuned by the party pros at Big Boys Club so the night runs perfectly…


Browse our most popular packages to see which might suit. There are many benefits to a private Package but some added cost. We can help you weigh up Pros and Cons and tailor something perfect for your group and your budget

The Essentials Bucks

If the only frills you want to see are on the girls panties - Grog, Grub, Games and Girls. Action packed and affordable


Enjoy 2 hours of bare foot bowls in the sun bowling with your mates and our gorgeous Bowling Beauties before going back to a bar and getting crazy!

Let’s Get Ready to RRRUMBLE...

Fill 1 kiddie pool with Jelly. Add sexy grappling girls..then buck. Surround with strip show beers & topless waitresses! Wow

War, what is it good for?

Ten-hut! You and your buck are raw recruits in our G.I. Jane’s basic training. Grub, Girls, Games and Grit maggots. Hooah!

Ladies of the Lanes

The shirts, the shoes, the Big Lebowski style trash talk..nothing not to love about boozy bowling. Especially with our pin girls to pick up the split

Go round with the girls

Play a premium inner city course with a cart and cute caddies. Clubhouse finale features strip show, huge hors d’oeuvres and enough beer to handicap Tiger
If these seem too lavish be sure to ask about budget options such as Burgers n Babes!

Check out this Funky Video…some highlights from our events and sights you might see when you book our bucks party packages! 😉

Look good? Fill out this form and tell us which package and which entertainment elements suit. We’ll get back to you shortly!

The Big Boys Club work hard to deliver the very best Bucks Party Packages – catering to a variety of tastes and interests. Popular activity based packages include lawn bowls, 10 pin bowling, paintball and Go-Karting..we even have a Skydiving package! We can theme our bucks party packages to fit the mood and main interests of your group – Footy, Cricket, perhaps you want a Schnitz n Tits theme. Contact us to develop a party to remember for your particular posse!

Our bucks party packages will also cater for your entertainment needs with topless waitresses, Bucks Party Strippers and Jelly Wrestling.