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Bucks Melbourne


We have some great bucks Melbourne party ideas!

The Big Boys Club are Melbourne’s bucks party professionals. If you’re looking for the ultimate way to celebrate your best mates departure into married life, we can help. Melbourne’s best strippers, bucks night activities and catering, all served up on a silver platter by a team who have organised (literally!) thousands of Melbourne bucks parties.

“We’ve buddied up with Melbourne’s hottest strippers, activities organisers and caterers to bring you only the best of the best – the crème de la crème of man-friendly products and services.”

Here are some of our more popular Bucks Melbourne Packages…

The Essentials Bucks

If the only frills you want to see are on the girls panties - Grog, Grub, Games and Girls. Action packed and affordable

Let’s Get Ready to RRRUMBLE...

Fill 1 kiddie pool with Jelly. Add sexy grappling girls..then buck. Surround with strip show beers & topless waitresses! Wow


Enjoy 2 hours of bare foot bowls in the sun bowling with your mates and our gorgeous Bowling Beauties before going back to a bar and getting crazy!

The Big Boys Club can assist with all areas of bucks party planning – bucks party ideas, girls, activities, catering, and even venue hire! We have contacts for our very own bucks party venues – the Big Boys Venues – where we provide a veritable smorgasbord of blokes entertainment! Including our sexy topless waitresses, cheeky bucks games, more beer than you can poke a stick at, man-style catering and the best strippers in Melbourne, we have everything covered to make sure you and the boys have the best night of your life!

If you’re looking to throw one of the most memorable bucks Melbourne party in history, give the Big Boys Club a call on 1800 701 101, and let us take the hassle out of organizing your Melbourne bucks party.

Or simply just fill out this form for one of us to get in touch with you…

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 The Big Boys Club is the ultimate place to host a bucks night in Melbourne.

Whether it’s a quiet day of fishing and golf, or a sleepless weekend of paintball, sky diving and jelly wrestling, we’ve got you covered.

Bucks party ideas

The Big Boys Club look after every element of your bucks party – activitiesgirlscatering – THE LOT!! If that’s not enough, we have our own, private bucks night venues located in the heart of Melbourne – the Big Boys Venues get our tick of approval. (no dealing with douche bag security guards).

We take the hassle out of organising a bucks night, and over the last couple of years have co-ordinated thousands of Melbourne’s most memorable bucks parties.

We’re sure these girls could inspire some Bucks Party Ideas!

Ideas for Bucks Parties

Check out the rest of the site for some awesome bucks party ideas, a stack of tasty bucks party packages, and all the info you’ll need to be the worlds greatest best man.

Call us on 1800 701 101, tell us what you’re after and let the Big Boys Club take care of the rest.