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What you get at one of our famous Bucks Parties

What we know about creating great Bucks Parties…

The Big Boys Club have been in business and running memorable Melbourne bucks nights for five years with our founder Jazzy Jeff Yates hosting and organising then for over 10! We thought it was time we let you in on what we’ve learned and why Big Boys parties contain  the elements they do…

famous Bucks Parties

It’s not the most interesting part of the evening but think ahead re: transport. This is key to keeping the group together and allowing everyone to relax. Early on we saw parties derailed when 20 or 30 blokes tried to get cabs on the night and boys got split up and left behind. Now our packages include a bus which will pick you up and allow everyone to drink and have fun while we whiz you around the city to your chosen  destinations.

taxi rank bucks parties

At your venue or Bucks party activity you’ll be greeted by our scantily clad BABELICIOUS BARMAIDS. These girls love their job and why wouldn’t they – it’s to look good (check) and party with you!  Our young, fun friendly girls will be replenishing your drinks, going topless once out of the public eye, keeping what happens on the bucks night ‘in the vault’  and doing their darndest to best you and your mates in saucy parlour games – more on these below. Bucks party ideas should be more than a sausage fest – that’s where our famous carefully selected babes come in.

bucks party waitresses

In terms of bonding, laughs and fun while drinking we’ve found group games played in a private space to be a winner. The competitive Babelicious Barmaids will be pitting their skills against yours and the bucks to add some spice. The girls love GIANT JENGA and so will you. See who has steady hands after you’ve downed a few. Traditional drinking favourite BEER PONG gets everyone involved and rowdy! When the girls join the game instead of sculling a beer when defeated they’ll lose an item of clothing. Pong away to get tipsily surround by some nude babes!

We mentioned that Big Boys Club has been running events for years. This means we’ve had a chance to audition and select the very best  STRIPPERS IN MELBOURNE! Prop the buck in a chair and let our gorgeous showgirls go to town – we guarantee satisfaction!
bucks party strippers

After the strip show there’s still more action – we play TWISTER with a twist – 2-3 lingerie clad or topless girls twisted around the boys and the buck. Once again beware – the girls play to win. They’ll get as up close and personal as it takes!

bucks night twister

When the Big Boys Party one of our specially selected venues is over you can load everyone back into that bus (we told you it was a good idea)  for a road trip to a premier strip club in the Melbourne CBD. Here you and your party will get VIP entry and red carpet treatment including comp drinks and more privacy. Bucks parties have gotta be fun for the early birds AND the last men standing – that’s our aim.

bucks parties vip

Believe it or not this is our basic budget ESSENTIALS PACKAGE ! Other options, also reasonably priced, include PAINTBALL before your kick ass party.

bucks day paintball

How about some relaxing LAWN BOWLS with some spunky bowling beauties on hand to get your drinks and polish your balls?

backs day lawn bowls

 All our packages are popular – over our thousands of bucks we’ve kept the winners – but  the perennial favourite activity for Bucks Parties is JELLY WRESTLING! Two gorgeous girls  get into a kiddie pool full of childhood and grapple with each other’s slippery glistening semi naked bodies whilst you and your mates cheer them on. Throw in the ‘Man of the hour'(the buck) to wrestle for the decider and you have one hell of a night!!

bucks party jelly wrestling

Don’t have a mate getting married? We often stage events for the guys for footy clubs, work dos or just for the hell of it! Give our very friendly staff a bell on 1800 MY EVENT we’ll hook you up. or send us a message by clicking here!

bucks party topless waitresses

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