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So much can happen in just a couple of days

It was an action packed weekend, I really don’t know where to start. I suppose we can start with the footy. The AFL kicked off with a bang, with the Bombers surprising everyone and coming up with the win. The Dockers also had a great win against the Eagles in the local derby.


In the Super Rugby, Melbourne’s poor old Rebels can’t buy win. After a disappointing loss over in South Africa, some of the Rebels best players decided to punch with each other on after a few beers. Lets hope they sort their shit out and we don’t lose any of these quality players to another team.

In Formula One, Aussie Mark Webber almost came away with the win, but his teammate Sebastian Vettel disobeyed team orders and challenged Mark for the win after the last pit stop. It ended with Mark coming second and Sebastian came away with the win. Sebastian later admitted he was in the wrong and Mark should have won the race, still Mark has no trophy or points in the championship. Hopefully this is the motivation Mark needs to smash Sebastian for the rest of the season.

Some international news, the Miami Heat have won 26 games straight and they are on target to break the longest winning streak in the NBA. Can they do it? Well we think the can, Miami just look to bloody good at the moment.

Also in international news, Tiger Woods is back on top of the Golf rankings. You know what that means. Hookers of the world, get ready. Tiger is coming for you!

Finally we just like to wish the Socceroos all the best tonight with there match against Oman in the World Cup Qualifier. A win would see them pretty much wrap up a spot to the World Cup in Brazil and we all really want to see that happen again.

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