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Childhood Dream Comes True – Rambo Bucks Day Mission

Rambo Bucks Day Banner

I want a Rambo Bucks day!

We thought the English guys pushed the boat out with The Annoying Smurf  then we saw US bachelor Dana Saint’s Rambo Bucks Day. Saint’s friends, who run a production company, used their expertise and imagination to help Saint; a Rambo movie fanatic, play John Rambo in First Blood. This takes bachelor party activities to a whole new level to to mention the whole staying in character theme type party.

This Rambo Bucks Day video is a pisser. As well as following the buck through an epic journey it gives some background on the guys who put it together and the reason they took weeks and spent thousands to do it. It’s long and, in typical American fashion, gets a bit cheesy but the basic message – about loyalty, man-love and mates old and new – is sound.

3 lessons to be learned from the Rambo Bucks Day prank.. not take out a second mortgage and hire a film crew but..


      • The element of surprise is all. Blindside the buck wherever possible
      • Make bucks day pranks fit the buck. What is unique about your mate that can be celebrated on the day? Show him you know him, make the activity right up his alley and by make him centre of attention (whether he likes it or not). This could be as simple as dragging some skeletons out of his closet in a bucks day toast.
      • Be as extravagant with this day as you can –not just in monetary terms but in the effort you make. We (usually) only get one bucks and, as the Rambo Bucks Day boys  say –  you’ll be remembering and talking about a good one for years to come!

Have a bucks day battle of your own with us! Blast the buck til he’s bruised with our paintball package and our girls kiss the boo boos better back at the bunker. I’m sure we could have a crack at a version of a Rambo Bucks day for added authenticity have the Army Girls take you and the rest of the maggots through basic training – Hooah!

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