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Powerful Women Of Screen

Tight fitting spandex! Ooja manooj! Powerful women of screen and television is something that really grabs our attention here at the Big Boys Club and Schnitz n Tits, and that’s why we’re going to be celebrating them all (in September at Schnitz)

Powerful women of screen in tight fitting spandex!

In the mid 90’s, when playing PC games was still cool, we were introduced to a game that grabbed every young males imagination, Tomb Raider. At the time, video game graphics weren’t that crash hot and Lara Croft was displayed on our screens with pointy, triangular breasts but all of us young fellas were able to use our imagination. That was until some genius, cast Angelina Jolie as the super sexy “explorer”. Faptastic!
We can’t celebrate the powerful women of screen without mentioning the very sexy Catwoman. Yes, she has been portrayed by multiple actresses, in good and bad versions but she always manages to be sexy in her skin tight leathers, puuuurrrrrrfect. Even though it’s a terrible film, with terrible acting, we have to say that Halle Berry dressed up as the (sex) kitten is probably our favorite here in the office.
The blockbuster smash, The Avengers was bloody awesome! Bangs, crashes, explosions! Things that we really love in Big Boy type films but the thing that really grabbed our attention in this film was the extremely sexy Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. DAMN! What a babe! Golly gosh!
Finally, we have to mention the film, Suckerpunch. In a film that is a little strange and hard to follow at times, it’s easy to put aside these flaws to take in and marvel at the beauty of the five main babes, in skimpy costumes, kicking ass! Lead by Australia’s own, Emily Browning and Abbie Cornish, this film will really grab any guy’s attention. The fantasies from this film will help put the “sucker” in, Sucker Punch.
sucker punch powerful women of screen
Be sure to check out our Schnitz n Tits events as all next month, we’ll be celebrating these powerful women and many more!

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