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Pranking the Groom: Bucks Prank Infographic

Thinking of pranking the groom on his bucks night? This infographic will guide you through how to have some fun at your mates expense, while providing some entertaining examples of bucks party pranks we’ve found across the interwebs.

Enjoy, Pranking the Groom: Bucks Prank Infographic!


Bucks Party Prank

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What Would Your Best Mates Last Night Of Freedom Be Without A Couple Of Good Old Fashioned Bucks Party Pranks?


Sure, it’s juvenile, but who cares?! This may well be your last chance to have some fun at the expense of your best mate, and only a fool would fail to grasp that opportunity.

The trick is to be creative, and to do something that the buck can laugh at too…eventually. Chaining him naked to a lamp post, or smearing his lips with blue food dye when he’s asleep is a no go. Certain bucks party pranks have the potential turn the future Mrs Best Mate against you for all eternity.

With that in mind, we present to you the Big Boys Club top six Bucks Party Pranks. Enjoy, and if you do pull some kind of prank on your mate, be sure to send us in some photos!! We love hearing stories about awesome bucks nights, but if you’re daft enough to try any of the below shenanigans, be aware that you do it at your own peril. You have been warned! A cautionary tale about bucks party pranks below..

First Blood Buck

A new contender for top Bucks Day Prank. Pyrotechnics, weeks of planning, thousands of dollars and a film crew - this one will be hard to top!

seeing little blue men..

and it's not the booze! Check out the trouble these guys from the UK took to make their buck's sendoff memorable. Inspiring!

Puber-sea blues

You won't believe the hair transplant these boys from Sweden gave their buck. What we can learn from overseas about bucks pranks..

Lopsided loverboy

Classic low cost and limited preparation bucks party tomfoolery with a preview of the effect and a word of warning. File under gags with minimal groundwork

M.I.A. on the wedding day

Now you see you don't. Fun to execute and a the reaction's always (well usually) a hoot. How to pull it off without knocking him off
A group of guys in Glasgow Scotland handcuffed their buck naked to a lightpole on the beach at the tail end of a big night.

Everyone was pretty hammered and whilst they planned to unchain him shortly the boys thought they’d let him sweat for a bit..They headed back to the party house for a couple more beers and everyone fell asleep. The ‘beach’ in Glasgow fronts onto the North Sea and temperatures drop drastically overnight. The buck wasn’t sweating he was in fact death. When the fire department cut him loose in the small hours, after a lucky report from a passerby, the buck was unconscious and suffering hypothermia! He lost some toes and spent his wedding day in intensive care.

Play safe fellas!


Pranking the Groom Infographic Transcription:
How to Prank the Groom at his Bucks Party

Sure, it’s juvenile, but who cares?! This may well be your last chance to have some fun at the expense of your best mate, and only a fool would fail to grasp that opportunity.. The only rule here is don’t let things go too far. But how far is too far?


The trick is to be creative, and to do something that the buck can laugh at too…eventually


Anything that injures the groom is definitely a no go. A trip to the emergency room does not make for an ideal bucks night. Keep it safe.


The bucks wife to be will probably not thank you if her husband has one eyebrow or worse, one arm in her wedding photos.

With these safety precautions in mind, proceed with the prank of your choosing.

PRANK A: The Smurf Date

Step 1: Hire a little person for the evening (or weekend depending on your particular buck celebration plans).

Step 2: Paint little person blue and dress him like a smurf

Step 3: Handcuff your ‘Smurf’ to the Groom so that they must eat, drink and even sleep together

PRANK B: The Ape Man

Step 1: Hire or buy a full size gorilla costume.

Step 2: Coax the groom to be in to the suit, gaffering his mouth and the seems.

Step 3: Leave your ‘Ape Man’ in the middle of town, unable to communicate in any fashion but that of a genuine monkey

PRANK C: The Broken Limb

Step 1: Enjoy many drinks and wait for the Groom to pass out.

Step 2: Employ the services of a medical professional to plaster up his am or leg

Step 3: Create an elaborate back story as to how his limb became injured.

PRANK D: The Brown Bomber

Step 1: Slip some liquid laxatives in to your Grooms drink near the end of the night.

Step 2: Wait.

Step 3: Laugh as a brown Niagara falls erupts from your groom.

Disclaimer: Big Boys Club we don’t supply or officially encourage these types of pranks. This is purely a light read and a entertaining laugh involving pranks OTHER people have done.