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Daft Punk never sounded so good!

Everyone’s favourite musical robots are almost back! The new album drops on the 19th of May. It is certainly one of the most anticipated albums in the history of music. And yes, we can’t wait to hear it all in it’s glory.

By now, everyone has heard the first single, get lucky. But I bet you’ve never heard the robots sound this good!

Mike Hunt

A golden age

Resident cricket tragic on one day test matches , Gilchrist as a young buck, aggro Andy Bichel & 'can't bowl can't throw' clip

rewind: weatherwoman

The weird and wonderful soft adult movie/comedy cult classic in which Japanese weatherwoman Keiko masturbates her way to the top. Late night SBS gem revisited
It sure was a great weekend for sport, upsets, surprises and the obvious. All these things happened over the weekend and we are going to catch you up...