Bucks Party Games

bucks party games

One of the best and most unique elements of any bucks party is the bucks party games. Bucks parties are usually made up of lads from both the bride and the groom and so often have never crossed paths before. A few cheeky games are a great way to break the ice, get everyone involved and most importantly, get the clothes off the girls! Here at Big Boys Club we have some tried and tested favorites that are always huge crowd pleasers.

Bucks Party Games

Beer Pong

topless-waitress bucks party beer pong
Always a huge crowd pleaser, beer pong is a game loosely based around skill and precision with our Big Boys Club waitresses. We will set up your beer pong table for you whilst you can test your skills against our very savvy beer pong experts. However its not just a beer you are skulling the loser is also removing an item of clothing! So be warned, sometimes the boys end up with a lot less clothes on than the girls.

Underwear Twister

Bucks Party Topless Waitress Twister
This is as completely awesome as it sounds and one game of Twister you will never forget! Our bevvy of Big Boy Club beauties will have games of Twister in their underwear for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to have a game with them and always a good idea to get the buck involved.

Giant Jenga & Connect 4

topless waitress bucks party jenga private
Surprisingly addictive, Giant Jenga & Connect 4 is a favorite with our girls for a very good reason. They are GUNS at it so you better hope you have bought your physics and maths brain with you if you think that you can beat them. Piece by piece you will more than likely find out the hard way that you have bitten off more than you chew, but who doesn’t want to get beaten by a gorgeous girl and get her top off in the process!

Booty Camp

bucks party booty camp topless waitress
Our booty camp package adds a slightly different element to the games listed above. Your Big Boys Club waitresses will be in sexy military outfits and playing the games will be much more like a military exercise than anything. Our smoking hot drill Sargent will put you through your paces with our games, however the end result is always well worth it.

So there is a few of the ways in which our bucks party games at The Big Boys Club make us a huge cut above the rest. Although you will never look at these childhood favorite games the same way ever again, you will be left lasting memories of how awesome they can be when played the Big Boys Club way.

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