Best Man guide to Bucks Party duties.

Do you know what your Bucks Party Duties are?!!!

Whether you call it a bachelor party, stag party or a buck’s night, this celebration of masculinity is an important ritual marking the farewell of single life for the groom. As the Best Man, you have Bucks party duties and that’s planning the bachelor party. So when the groom is busy with his manly responsibilities of picking out flowers and taking dance lessons, you have the vital role to plan this night – or weekend – of drunken debauchery honouring your friend. Here are a few tips:

OVERESTIMATE. You don’t need to factor in bail money, but the unwritten rule for a buck’s party is that the group picks up all of the grooms costs (or at least all of his drinks). With that said, realise now that your wallets are going to be empty come morning. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to overestimate the expected costs knowing you’ll probably buy a few cocktails for any female companions you come across. If possible, ask all of the guys for the cash up front and don’t be afraid to be a dick.


 ATTIRE IS IMPORTANT. Nothing will kill a buzz quicker than walking into a bar swarming with scantly-clad women ready for their next body shot, only to discover your part-time barista hipster friend wasn’t allowed inside because he’s rocking Jesus sandals and a shorts. Avoid the frustration ahead of time and tell the guys what attire they should bring. Even if you prefer jeans and a t-shirt, it never hurts to be overdressed if you’re going out on the town.


ORGANISE THE BUCKS PARTY ENTERTAINMENT AND ACTIVITIES. This is your opportunity to go down in history with your mates for organising the best bucks party anyone has ever seen…and that’s where we come in. The Big Boys Club are the Melbourne Bucks Party specialists. We have organised (literally) thousands of Melbourne’s best bucks parties – we know what guys want and we know where to find it.



i hope you enjoyed these bucks party duties. Remember, a buck’s party is meant to celebrate the joyous life of monogamy your friend is about to embark upon, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time, too.

Cheers Gents.