Big Boys Club Wired World of Sports

Another week gone and another week full of drama in the Australian sporting world. Not many good things to talk about week, so let’s the ball rolling.

Where should start, how about the AFL! Seems logical right considering they have taken up most of the headlines the news this past week. I don’t really need to go over much really, because you all should really know what’s going on. Essendon are out the finals and there were a few suspensions and fines handed out. So how does this actually effect what’s gonna happen this week? Well it sure has made the final round coming up this weekend fucking exciting! Five teams can now make the finals. So strap yourself in, this weekends footy is going to be pretty fucking good!

Now to the Ashes and in the final test, the Aussies tried to make a match out of it, the Poms kinda had a go, but the fucking weather impacted the game way to much and the final test ended in a draw. The Poms won the Ashes but lets just hope the players learn from this and do way fucking better when they play the Poms over here this summer. This weekend we take on the Poms in some T20’s then some one dayers and hopefully we can finally beat the Poms over there this weekend.

To the Bledisloe Cup now and the Wallabies gave the All Blacks a run for their money on the weekend, but unfortunately the Kiwis were just to good in the end and retained the Cup for the 11th year in a row. Here’s hoping the Wallabies do better against South Africa and Argentina in the coming weeks.

In the NRL now and yep, you know I’m going to talk about the Storm game. Sure we played the bottom team and they even had some of their good players out, but is was great to watch them thrash the Eels by over 60 points. Let’s hope they can keep this form and smash every team in the finals in the next couple of weeks.

Enjoy your weekend of sport, what ever your watching!

Mike Hunt