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BBC “World News Around Us”

For a bit of a different spin, I thought I would have a look at some of the big news stories in news around us in the world this week and give my, “lighter” side opinion.

One of the more bizarre things happening right now would have to be the Oscar Pistorius court cast. In my opinion, he’s guilty. With the case stretching out the way it has been, more and more strange defenses and very odd back stories have been coming out about the former South African golden boy. A neighbor who heard his missus, model Reeva Steenkamp scream for her life has been shut down by Oscar’s lawyer who claimed it was in fact Oscar who had screamed in fear. It’s also been claimed that Pistorius was known for his girlish scream! WHAT?! Grasping at straws? It also came out today that Pistorius accidently shot his mate in a restaurant not long back. Honestly, WTF? Lock him up with Phil Spector I say!
Whilst in South Africa, I can’t go without mentioning the Australian Cricket teams, MASSIVE win over the Proteas! Wow wow wee wah! Great to see the Aussies back at their best! Davey Warner taking out Man Of The Series, whilst in the best form of his career, was just awesome! C’mon Aussie, C’mon!!!
The Oscars happened this week and the only thing that really caught my attention in regards to the whole “Spectacle” was the stupid celebrity “selfie”.
To finish on a happy note, how good was Tony Hawks hover board prank? I didn’t believe it for a second but lots of people actually did. Idiots! People actually thought the iconic object from the iconic trilogy, ‘Back To The Future‘ had finally come to life? Seriously? What’s next, people are going to start believing Earth will be taken over by apes? A bunch of scientists are going to get together, advertise on T.V. and actually go around hunting ghosts? Or better yet, some kid is going to create a magical remote that will enable us to travel between different worlds, like in Sliders?
What have I learnt this week? Humanity is damned! I’ll see ya next time eating the pudding.

Well it sure was a great weekend of sport and there’s still so much going on during the week. Let’s start our wrap up with some NRL.

So much great sport going on at the moment, seriously we are loving it! Lets start locally shall we.

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