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Jessica Biel

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Versatile Jessica Biel is full of surprises. She started her career as a singer and first graced our screens as a teenager playing rebellious preacher’s daughter Mary in ‘7th Heaven’. The sexuality which simmered beneath her floral print and lemon cardie kept generations of teenage boys watching this daggy family drama throughout it’s 11 year run..

What horny young viewers like your blogger knew was that behind the girl above was the girl below. The producers of this all American Christian pap were furious when, at 17, Biel posed topless for US lads mag Gear. Copies of the March 2000 issue of Gear, now a collector’s item, feature a Brazen Biel on the cover with the heading ‘Fallen Angel’!

Jessica Biel knows which side her bread is buttered on and made nice. She told Entertainment Weekly the shoot was ‘one of my worst regrets’ and ‘ a really bad decision’. Big Boys Club must respectfully disagree.

The Gear shoot was just a taste of the edgy bad girl lurking beneath America’s ‘girl next door’. In 2002 she starred as promiscuous college student Laura in dark cult classic Rules of Attraction. She took top billing in the critically panned but commercially successful remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Jessica Biel steals the show as a stripper and struggling single Mom in 2006’s otherwise unremarkable Powder Blue (see GIF and pics below)

In recent years Jessica Biel went all arty. She embarked on a series of indie films that even her incredible rig couldn’t save. Fortunately Biel remains available for candid paparazzi shots which are attest to her natural beauty. With no sign of surgery, botox or makeup – the unprepared Jessica Biel looks brilliant in a bikini and even better Topless!

What man can resist a live action Jessica Biel? Here’s some GIFs well worth the click…


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We would love to see Jessica do some of these moves while Jelly wrestling! 

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