Hot Emily Ratajkowski

She’s not Emily Ratajkowski

Hot Emily Ratajkowski (we reckon this should be her full name)┬áis a British-born American superfox made famous worldwide from her performance in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video clip. Not only a pretty face and a smoking body (although we find that pretty hard to look past) she’s been acting for a while. Hot Emily Ratajkowski played Ben Affleck’s mistress in ‘Gone Girl’

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hot emily ratajkowski has been in a stack of other music videos since Blurred Lines. We’ve discovered she did one with Maroon 5 and are trying not to hold that against her. Last year Esquire magazine, who often ride the Big Boys Club coat tails, named Hot Emily Ratajkowski ‘woman of the year’. Recently she’s gone a bit edgy – posting a photo of her 14 year old self looking sexy on Twitter in response to claims she’d had a boob job. Look out for arthouse erotica which is apparently her latest favourite thing to shoot. Could you be more HOT Emily Ratajkowski?!