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Cosplay Girls

Big Boys Club loves cosplay girls because we have a healthy appreciation for the female form and especially scantily clad or even topless girls. We also have knowledge and respect for the art of dressing up in theme for performance such as the art of burlesque and strip tease.

Not Sure what they are dressed as

Admittedly a lot of the time i have know ideas what these cosplay girls are dressed as?! But i don’t care.

There is something quite alluring about these cosplay girls…

We love girls in sexy outfits! Lots of guys do. These girls are known as “Cosplayers”. They’re cosplay girls who put on sexy outfits and attend comic conventions! Yes, comic conventions! Enjoy some blamtastic pictures and see if you can recognise some of the characters who have walked off the page or out of the movie and into our daydreams.

Have you seen Jessica Nigri?! Damn shes Hot!

You can see more of Jessica Nigri Here.

The other thing we really like about these cosplay girls and girls dressing up in general is a lot of these ladies attending these events are your girl next door types, maybe the quiet girl at school. But on this occasion they are really going for thiers, putting all the extra effort in to impress and express themselves. If this is what it takes for the geeky girl or the book worm to come out of her shell, get into character and get damn sexy? Then we are the biggest fans!

Girls Next Door

Don’t you just love it when girls get together for a dress up or fancy dress party and put in max effort? It doesn’t matter if it’s for halloween or a mates birthday party. We do too and that’s what the cosplay girls are for us.

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Our Friends at Schnitzel n Tits also do a Bunch of Cheeky Themes each month.

costume candy

In an ongoing series of galleries of girls in costume who look good enough to eat; we proudly to present sexy Jessica Nigri

In the Schnitz spotlight

Some of the gorgeous showgirls who regularly rock centrestage at Schnitz n Tits in action. You can see them in the flesh every Friday night in the city

Boobs are amazing

The girls of the BBC surround us with such a variety of beautiful boobs we too often take them for granted..Here's 10 strange but true facts about the human breast which got us paying attention