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BBC At The Movies : Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Jessica and Roger

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I did! Hahaha (evil laugh) and I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids! I’m just kidding, I didn’t frame him but I did sit down to watch the classic film to find out.

The film starts with an animated Roger Rabbit short. It begins innocently enough but then becomes quite violent. I wasn’t complaining. Enjoyed seeing a cartoon rabbit set on fire, electrocuted, deep throating an ironing board, getting inflated by a “Suck-O-Lux” vacuum and brained by a fridge.
The short is our intro to Roger..then we meet main character Eddie Valiant, played by underrated UK actor Bob Hoskins. Straight away we see him drinking booze from a flask, hmmmm. Then we find out he’s been hired to find out if Roger’s wife (more on her later) has been having an affair. Simple enough.
After the meeting we see him jumping on the back of a tram (for a free ride) and scabbing cigarettes from some kids, hmmmm. He then heads to a bar where he hasn’t paid his tab, get’s refused service, then picks up a random drink from the bar and drinks that, hmmmm. An alcoholic P.I. Nice!
Eddie begins his investigation by heading to a bar with a gorilla for a bouncer. Nice cliché. In this scene is one of the coolest cartoons you’ll ever see. Daffy Duck (Of Warner Bros fame) and Donald Duck (Of Disney fame) have a musical battle which concludes with Donald blowing the shit out of  Daffy!

Piano Duel

At the 17 minute mark, we are finally introduced to the blamp-tastic Jessica Rabbit, the main reason I wanted to watch this film. She performs a sultry number which actually created movement in my pants…..


Following Jessica’s performance, Eddie sneaks to her dressing room to peep at her through the key hole. I like his style – reminiscent of the classic scene in “Porky’s”. He gets busted by the gorilla bouncer who heaves him into the alley. He hears Jessica giggling and moaning……more movement in my pants…..and starts looking through her dressing room window and begins taking photos. Once again, I like his style. Every time I’ve done this I’ve been busted and slapped with restraining orders but he actually gets away with it! He busts Jessica playing “patty-cake” with an old creep. Eddie shows the photos to the sleazy bloke who hired him and Roger Rabbit. Roger freaks out and disappears. After this Eddie gets drunk, passes out, is woken the next morning by a cop informing him the old bloke who played “patty-cake” has been found dead, and starts drinking again. I  started to question the PG rating.

freaked roger

A bunch of shenanigans happen with Roger and Eddie as they run from the law and try to figure out who killed the old bloke who was fooling around with Jessica. During said shenanigans, Roger is kidnapped and the plot thickens. Eddie makes his way to ‘Toon Town’ for another classic animated scene – this one features Micky Mouse, Bugs Bunny and Eddie. The banter between Micky and Bugs is not only cinematic history but actually a laugh if you’re in the mood.


Eddie finds Jessica and they escape ‘Toon Town’. It’s during their escape we see the famous moment. At the 73 minute mark Eddie and Jessica are flung from Benny the talking taxi and we discover Jessica isn’t wearing underpants! I paused and zoomed in on the frame..only to discover it had been censored! Shattered! My disappointment spurred me to jumped online though and, god bless the net, find the un-censored freeze frame..

Flash scene

(As you can see she’s shaved, mmmmm.)

The film concludes with a song and dance routine, whilst Roger and Jessica are tied up.. Funny but I would have much preferred some sort of sex scene involving Jessica. The closest we get to Jessica in action is when one of the evil weasels puts his hand down Jessica’s sweet cleavage and get’s his hand squashed in (Eddie quips) a “Booby Trap”, brilliant.
SPOILER ALERT; Judge Doom, played by the awesome Christopher Lloyd, is the bad guy. You find that out at the end, for those of you who haven’t seen this very rewatchable flick


In conclusion, Jessica Rabbit is arguably the sexiest woman in film history despite the fact she’s a cartoon. If only she was real….

real Jessica

I’ll see you next time eating the pudding.

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