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BBC At The Movies watch Death Proof!

Quentin Tarantino is one of the most well known directors of all time, with a number of classics under his belt. Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2, just to name a few but many seem to forget his “Cult” classic, Death Proof.

This was one half of the ‘Grind House’ double feature bill along with Planet Terror. In true “Grind House” fashion, the first half of the film is captured with a grainy effect to pay homage to the original grindhouse films back in the day and naturally, one of the opening shots in this back side of a girl as she walks through a house in her panties, nice!

Big boys club bucks party grindhouse movie poster 01The first half of the film plays out like an urban legend. Girls sitting around talking shit, true Tarantino style who himself makes his traditional cameo at the 18 minute mark.
Big boys club bucks party Tarentino Cameo
We then get introduced to a “mysterious” character sitting at the bar, stuffing his face with Nachoes. I think we could all learn something from this guy, Kurt Russell, with one of the biggest facial scars which makes him look like the toughest S.O.B. going around! He play’s a character called ‘Stunt Man’ Mike.
Big boys club bucks party kurt russell scar
Whilst ‘Stunt Man’ Mike is creeping on the main girls, he begins chatting up this blonde chick at the bar played by Rose McGowan, who he offers to drive home. This is when shit gets hectic. Once he brutally smashes up his car causing Rose’s character to die, he begins stalking the main girls. He catches up to them, passes them, turns around and speeds at them, “chicken” style.
Big boys club bucks party head-on-collision death proof
In true Tarantino fashion, we see the brutal effects of one of the worst looking smashes on film, not once but four times so we can see the brutal effect on each girl in the car. The last shot shows a tyre ripping off one of the girls faces.
Big boys club bucks party Tyre over face
Following this we see the title, “14 Months Later”. This is where the story seems to bring us out of the urban legend as we’re finally introduced to a clear picture. “Stunt Man” Mike, is at it once again trying to kill young pretty women. A whole bunch of random shit happens and eventually leads to “Stunt Man” once again chasing down three of the girls in a car as one rides on the bonnet.
Big boys club bucks party riding on bonnet
He almost gets the better of them until the “Stunt Girls” get the upper hand, smash up his car and shoot him. He drives off but they catch him again, run him off the road again, stand in a circle and beat the total shit out of him. This is where the film ends.
Big boys club bucks party death-proof-end-title-still
Admittedly there is hot chicks in this film with not a lot of skin but if you’re looking for something brutal with a fair bit of dialogue, I highly recommend this film! It’s so awesome!

Check out this clip – it demonstrates why Death Proof is so damn Hot!

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