Topless Waitresses

topless waitresses melbourne

Do not forget to organize some topless waitresses for your next event!

Imagine kicking back on the couch with your best mates, a cold beer in your hand, and the footy on the big screen. Now imagine that every time your drink is empty a gorgeous, topless waitress on hand to bring you a fresh one, give you a quick shoulder rub, and make sure everything in your man world is in order.

Your mates can’t fail to be impressed by beautiful topless waitresses delivering them beer where they stand. You’ll be the best party host and the talk of the town.

You won’t find this kind of experience anywhere else. Big Boys Club topless waitresses are the stuff of legend. Five star service, all delivered with a cheeky wink and a gorgeous smile. flirty frauleins whose mission is to make sure you and your mates have the most memorable night in history.

  • As many topless waitresses as you can handle, on board for the duration of your party. They’ll welcome you when you arrive, play with you all night, and then do the dishes when you’ve gone home.
  • These topless waitresses come with activities and skills to bring to your event. They can and love to facilitate games like Beer pong, Giant Jenga and Lingerie Twister!
  • A night you will never, EVER forget.

Do your bit for the planet. Instead of opening the fridge to get your own drink, get someone else to do it for you. Give us a call on 1800 MY EVENT to book our gorgeous topless waitresses for your bucks night.

Ready To Book Your Bucks Night Package?

Remember, you’re not just booking a bucks night. You’re securing your position in history as the greatest best man the world has ever known.