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Jelly Wrestling

You’d be hard pressed to find a guy who hasn’t fantasized about watching two scantily clad hotties wrestle each other in a kiddie pool full of jelly. There’s just something about near naked girls rubbing themselves all over each other that is just SO FRICKIN’ HOT!!

Melbournes Best Strippers

Booking a stripper is unfortunately not something you’re taught at high school. Which is a shame, because it’s a life skill that every man should have. Screw algebra and Dickens! Learning how to unhook a bra, or open a beer bottle with your belly button would have been far more useful.

Topless Waitresses

Imagine kicking back on the couch with your best mates, a cold beer in your hand, and the footy on the big screen. Now imagine that every time your drink is empty, there’s a gorgeous, topless waitress on hand to bring you a fresh one, give you a quick shoulder rub, and make sure everything in your man world is in order.

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